January 01, 2007

January, February . . .

It's January, all must change
my resolutions cry it!
I'll clean the cupboards, shine the glass
completely change my diet.
The constant list of things I need
has changed from Christmas treats
to organizers, storage boxes
and a set of sheets.

It's February, nothing's changed
the bathroom scales decry it
(that frozen stash of Christmas treats
has sabotaged my diet).
The hopeful list of things I pledged
discreetly tucked away --
ten months to do just as I please
until next New Year's Day!

c. 2004 - Violet Nesdoly

Happy New Year everyone! Hopefully you'll do better with your resolutions than I usually do with mine.

This bit of light verse was first published in a Faithwriters Anthology and also in the poetry journal Time of Singing.


  1. How we need to laugh! Do you really freeze that stash? I just leave it on the coffee table. At least that way some of our guests might help me get rid of it. Heeheh!

  2. Oh, my, I hope my own resolutions go a bit better than this!

    I stopped by especially for Joanna. Thanks, Joanna, for your comment on my blog, Forensics and Faith. So glad to see your name pop up. I know many more people read the blog than comment, so it's always nice to see someone's name who doesn't typically leave a comment. Blessings in 2007 on your own writing!

  3. Oh Violet, does this sum me up or what! There are times when I'm really glad to see Christmas go. Have a great day.

  4. Hilarious! That's about usually how resolutions work, isn't it? I've given up on them - either I'll do it without a big new's year resolution or it won't happen. :)


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