January 31, 2007

Hiding in Plain Sight

Donna Dawson copywritten January 2007

You walk through this world with a confidence that tells all who see you that you are happy. A cloak of sophistication rides your shoulders in a silky covering. A bright smile hovers on your painted lips and light dances in your eyes. But I know.

I see beyond the lovely clothing and the graceful steps. I look deeper than the surface glance and pasted on expressions. I hear the distant call of a lost soul buried deep within the furthest recesses of your busy mind. And my heart breaks.

You think your lifestyle will bring joy. And those who see you might believe that. But your laughter rings hollow and the blackness of your pupil leads to the darkness in your heart. I follow that abysmal tunnel. Past irisis of unusual blue/green. Past the flesh that makes up veins and nerve endings. Past neurons to the very essence of thought. You struggle against the intrusion. Against the quiet whisper of a voice that calls your name in longing.

But I will persist. Because I love you and it isn't my will for you to walk this life alone and lost. I will continue to call to the silent ears that can't be seen. And I will wait in hope and anticipation until the filthy rags and sickening stench of wasted struggling come to an end and you see me as you were meant to see me.

And then you will set aside your lost soul and take up my love. You will cover yourself in my embrace and you will truly dance with the beauty of a child reunited with her parent. And we will rejoice together, forgetting the fake and useless existence that you now cling to. And you will revel in the relationship that is meant to be.

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  1. Donna - wow. Powerful. This is gorgeous. You capture the woman and Jesus so well here. Beautiful word pictures. Thank you.


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