September 24, 2013

So You Want to Write a Best-Selling Novel - Lynn Dove

This YouTube video by David Kazzie has been circulating a bit on Facebook and many of my author friends have posted it on their walls. I suppose I can laugh at it now that I have successfully written and published my books, but still I squirmed a little when I watched this for the first time because truly I was that naive once!

So today, for the benefit of some "newbie" authors/writers, I'm asking my more "seasoned" author friends to answer this question by leaving a comment: What was the worst faux pas (mistake) you made when you first started out on this "adventure" in writing and then marketing your "best-selling" novel?

Did you have the gall to write a publisher an email (like I did) without thought to putting together a book proposal for their perusal...? Did you neglect to edit your manuscript and discovered a glaring error AFTER the book was published? (I didn't do that, my books were well-polished thanks to my editor, at Word Alive Press). Anyway, leave a comment and let's laugh at our mistakes. Maybe a fledgling writer will learn a little from us today.

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