September 05, 2013

InScribers Review: It's Always Darkest Before The Fridge Door Opens

Review by Vivia Oliver

It's Always Darkest Before the Fridge Door Opens
Finding Joy in the Cold Places of Life

Authors: Martha Bolton and Phil Callaway
Publisher: Bethany House, 2006

These two writers have worked with many comedians to create clean humour in the world. Any of their work is worth the time to read it.

This book is a compilation of anecdotes of humorous and realistic ways to look at life.

They open the 'fridge door' to view some great ways to laugh at life in general. This book contains lots of neat ways to take worry off your mind. These writers of humour have turned food and kitchens into fun centers. Like moldy cheese turning into chia pets.

The fun tales they tell seek humour in family life, ways to laugh about hard times and disappointments in home life. If you don’t have sore ribs from laughter after reading this book, you will at least come away with a smile and peace of mind.

They describe many fun ways for looking at life’s troubles from a new view. There is a funny side of life and we are blessed to take a funny look at trouble. As Phil Callaway reminds us, “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”


  1. It's nice to know that people are creating clean humour. So much of what passes for comedy is rubbish. Having been a fan of the highly esteemed, and pressed, Goon Show, I've had a love for puns, word play, and similar clever uses of English.

  2. Yes, it seems much of today's humor is based on crudity

  3. Vivia, I'm so glad you highlighted this book for us. Laughter is such great medicine, and these are two funny authors!


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