September 13, 2013

Down Time by T. L. Wiens

Summer is a busy time. Family gatherings, days at the beach, the extra yard work and farming swallow up my time, energy and creativity. I don’t get much writing done. I know the list is different for everyone, but no matter whom I talk to, summer is a hard time to write.

Then the leaves start to turn, the garden is readied for winter and the crops are in the bin. The old urge to sit down in front of the computer takes hold. The ideas held dormant for the last couple of months start to form into stories.

I always get a little afraid when summer comes—have I lost my love for writing? Will I ever feel the urge to create a story again? Will this avenue of communication with God never reopen? That’s the real fear—my writing is very much a way of understanding God. He shows me so much of His character and the answers to problems around me through my writing.

But here we are—fall is upon us and the call of the keys is loud. In summer, I have so much of nature around me—God’s beauty. I have fellowship with friends and family. As winter approaches, I already hear God’s voice.


  1. The call of the keys... I like that phrase.

    Happy writing as you lean in closer to hear His voice.

  2. Thanks Brenda, Happy writing to you too!


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