January 24, 2013

How to be Miserable as An Author - Lynn Dove

If you are an author, you have "up" days and "down" days. Unfortunately sometimes the "down" days tend to overwhelm us and as most authors will confess, myself included, there are days when we wonder why we do what we do.

It's easy to be discouraged when we dwell on these things. Here is a practical little list of things NOT TO do as an author. Feel free to add to this list by leaving a comment!

How to Feel Miserable as an Author (Or, what not to do as an author. Underline any that currently apply.)

1. Constantly compare yourself to other authors.
2. Talk to your family and friends constantly about what you do and expect them to cheer you on.
3. Base the success of your entire writing career on one book.
4. Base the success of your entire writing career on book sales.
5. Undervalue your expertise.
6. Let money dictate what you do.
7. Fret over any negative reviews and rejection letters.
8. Bow to societal pressures and write what the world wants instead of what God wants.
9.  Set unachievable/overwhelming goals, to be accomplished by tomorrow.
10.  Stop writing.


  1. Lynn, I chuckled when I read the title of your post. Thanks for reminding us of things we should avoid as writers.

  2. Great advise on what not to do.We do need to remember them to keep us on the track and be proud of what we do even no one else cheers us up.

  3. What an excellent list, Lynn! I think we've all been 'guilty' of most of these at one time or another...

  4. Thanks for the comments all!

  5. Yah... been miserable about a few of these at some point. Maybe #5 is what I'm working on at present.

    Thanks, Lynn! You always have something great to share.

  6. Lynn:
    I think number two needs to be my priority. I'm surprised at how little real interest people close to me have.
    They've already got a shelf of books unread; why buy mine, which may not be their interest anyway?
    For me, the legacy I leave to my family--already spreading into great-grandchildren, is my primary goal.
    Their recognition may be after I'm gone. Writing is the only way we can reach back to them from the next life. What a rich opportunity!


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