July 10, 2012

We Love Our Country, Canada - Sharon Espeseth

“Sharon, we’ve just got to write letters,” Hank exclaims again. It’s morning and the two of us are drinking coffee at the kitchen table, our newspapers spread out at right angles.

We both care deeply about our country, Canada. We both have a healthy respect for the land of our birth and its citizens. Hank’s parents emigrated from Europe and all four of my grandparents did. Our immigrant backgrounds make us empathetic toward people who come to Canada to find a better life. Canada continues to grow.

As a young country, Canada could still be considered under construction. The blueprints for this democracy are in place, but adjustments need to be made as the years go by. Any changes need to be made while keeping the integrity of the building plan. Fiscal responsibility is necessary, and we all need to do what is best for the people who now live and who will live in this building in the future.

That is why Hank and I read and view the news. My husband and I are interested in what is going on. We are watchdogs for the country we love. That is why we respond to what we read and hear. That is why we participate in politics, support the politicians we trust, and vote at election time.

For Canada Day at church, our congregation loves to sing “The True North Strong and Free.” In this song, Wayne Moss reminds us of our ownership of this country. As owners, he says, “We’ll work together to protect the true north, strong and free.”

The refrain of this anthem opens,

“Let’s build it with love,
Let’s build it with hope,
With peace and harmony . . .”

Moss talks about Canada as a close-knit family, which makes it imperative that we put our heart and soul, care and unity into keeping our country great. He closes with,

“As we take a stand, God keep our land
The true north, strong and free.”

Although Hank doesn’t consider himself a writer in the same sense I do, he keeps informed, and he expresses himself well. Both of us believe it is our duty as citizens to be awake to what is happening. It is our business to give our leaders feedback. As Christians, we need to defend the rights of individuals, to stand up for social justice, to protect the elderly, the young, the unborn, the poor, our fellow Christians.

Dear Christian Writers, as Hank urges me, I encourage you to get involved. Inform yourselves. Give our leaders feedback. Give them positives when they deserve them. Let them know when they’ve missed the target. Take a stand. Remember to pray for them.

I used to give my Grade One students, this simple to read adage: “If it is to be, it is up to me.”

Martin Luther said, “If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.”


  1. What an encouragement to know people like you and your husband have taken up the challenge to stand watch over our nation through your prayers and writing endeavors! Thank you!

    May your pen and words challenge many others to join forces!

  2. Thanks for you encouragement on this, Brenda. Often we don't feel we write enough letters. To be effective in writing letters to the editor or to politicians, it is important to be informed on the subject and to respond while the topic is still hot.

  3. Yes, like Brenda said, this is so encouraging to know that you are representing us. Your article resonated with me. I used to write letters and I need to get back to doing that.

    Pam M.

  4. Maureen Fiebich7:06 pm GMT-7

    So true, Sharon! So many times I have read a newspaper piece and composed a letter in my head but usually fail to follow through. I only hope I will strengthen my resolve and make my voice heard more often in the future. Thanks for reminding me to do so. In high school, I had a letter to the editor in TIME magazine no less! Keep writing - your words inspire. Maureen

  5. Well, Maureen and fudge4ever, my article was meant to encourage me to do more letters and to get other people writing letters too. Will you join me on this? Christian views can bring a common sense approach to many issues. I believe we can make a difference, one letter at a time.

    Maureen, I'd love to see the letter you had in TIME magazine. Maybe it's time for you to join the Women Word Weavers.

    fudge4ever, I'm glad my writing struck a nerve with you also. Time seems to slow us down from doing the things we'd like to do, even the things we think we should do.


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