February 10, 2009

The Children - Glynis Belec

Tonight I pray for the children.

I pray for my beautiful grandchildren whose little hands caress my hair and my face. As I tickle little tummies, I take blessed delight hearing their sweet laughter. A contented smile, a sloppy kiss, a tiny hand pressed in mine - I marvel at how blessed I am to be a grandmother. I thank God that He has granted me more days so that I may enjoy the bedtime moments; the warm bubble baths and rubber duckies; the gentle voice of a child tucked in, as he whispers, "I love you grandma..."

I pray,too, for the children who do not know the love of a grandparent - the bomb killed so many family members that afternoon they say.

I pray for the child whose screams of fear go unheard because of the gunfire. Only two children remain uninjured the newspaper reads.

I pray for the child whose parents choose the high of hallucinogenics over the high calling of parenting. Social services will step in and take the child away (again.)

I pray for children who live through daytime nightmares: child labour; forced prostitution; physical abuse; mental cruelty; neglect of mind, body, spirit.

I pray for the child who goes to bed hungry and wakes up crying, and for the child who does not have a favourite blanket, a best friend, a rock collection.

For the child who does not have a father, who does not have a home, who does not have a Bible, I pray.

I pray for the child whose picture is on a milk carton or on a pornographic website, but not in the wallet of a loved one or in a gilded frame in the living room.

As I lay me down to sleep this night, Father, may your Spirit be upon these children and may I be part of the solution. AMEN


  1. So beautiful, thoughtful and emotive. Thank you Glynis. I had to read it twice.
    Pam M.

  2. Thank you..... I'm printing this off to tuck into my Bible. I want to pray that with you.



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