April 22, 2016

A Journey of a Sixty-Something Writing Apprentice by Alan Anderson

Okay, I admit it!  I’m an apprentice when it comes to writing.  I began writing as a boy.  Now that I’m a big boy and getting closer to being an “old boy,” I have gained some confidence in my writing.  I think too that my writing is older than I am.  Weird huh?

Please bear with me as I try to expand on the previous thought.  I don’t tend to gravitate toward jovial or humorous stories or articles.  Pretty well anything I’ve written or write strives to penetrate human emotions.  This could be because when I was a boy I was conditioned to believe that my emotions didn’t matter.  I grew up believing to show or express emotions like sadness wasn’t what men or boys did.  That hurt because I was born with a sensitive nature.  I suppressed my emotions for years and paid a price inside my being.

My writing is in a sense older than me because it took years for me to express myself emotionally.  Writing was one of my mentors and convinced me to begin my apprenticeship.  The words that have found me have been gentle teachers in my apprenticeship and now are directing me to move forward.

I’m sure those who read this post know that words teach us.  Think of God’s Word and how wonderful a teacher it is to lead us, through God’s Spirit, to find life.  Words know us and what we want to say to the world.  First the words are born within us and we are given the opportunity to find the story.  The story however has already found us.  We then offer this story to the world of readers.

Throughout my apprenticeship I know I can’t do it on my own.  I value the critique of other people.  I also value the guidance and suggestions of experienced writers.  This is why I am a member of InScribe and The Word Guild.  You have taught me a lot about writing.

I am also thankful for people like Jeff Goins.  Right now I am reading his book You Are A Writer.  Some of you probably know this but Jeff says there are three tools a writer needs to extend the reach of one’s writing.  As an apprentice I find this interesting and will note these tools here.  1) A platform to share your writing.  2) A brand to build trust with your readers.  3) Channels of connection to distribute your art.

I’m going to use the wisdom and knowledge that you all and people like Jeff teach me.  Who knows, maybe one of these days I’ll move on from being an apprentice!  Until then, I’m fine with taking my writing step by step.  God has laid a message on my heart.  I’m at the point of wanting to share it.

Life is incredibly full isn’t it?  For the first time I’m late with my monthly post.  It seems time just flew by.  This reminds me that I have to get busy writing.  It reminds me that there are words that ache to bring a message to other people.  It is my time to release them with my blessing!

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  1. I don't think it matters how old we are in years, we are all learning and growing. Thank you for your contributions to this blog. it is wonderful to see writers blossoming and growing as they are obedient to share the words God has given them.

  2. Anonymous8:26 am GMT-7

    Violet Moore here - Thanks for sharing, Alan. I can totally relate. It wasn't until after I retired - God sent folks and circumstances across my path that led to the joy of sharing my writing in book form. We never know who is going to be blessed by our words. Enjoy this new phase of your writing!

  3. You have a very important message to share Alan that only you can tell in your way and in your words. Keep on with your writing journey.


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