May 24, 2013

It's All About HIM -- Lynn Dove

When I first started to write it was all about ME.  MY message, MY thoughts, MY writing that I wanted the world to consider and of course embrace.  I had visions of writing grandeur that saw me accept all the accolades and gain all the glory.  I would be the new Lucy Maude Montgomery, and attain all the fame and fortune of J.K. Rowlings.  Yep, it was a great dream...

But God got a hold of my life and all of a sudden I wasn't writing for ME anymore, I was writing for HIM.  My dream changed...significantly.  Now I had an eternal purpose for my writing and the "worldly fluff" I had written before was not honouring to God and I cast it way.  I literally tossed (or deleted) story ideas and half-written manuscripts in the garbage.  Now when I started to write, I was mindful of the fact that every word I wrote had to be written from the understanding that this was not about ME anymore, it was all about HIM and as such every time I penned a story or a book it was to glorify Him...not me.

As Christian writers we recognize our "calling" from God.  I have had numerous friends and family ask me why I write solely from a Christian worldview when for all intents and purposes this is a small genre in the book-selling niche.  Many try to encourage me to write more "mainstream" or worldly novels that they are sure would become best sellers if I applied myself to that market.  I smile and say to them that I am not writing for the money or fame (although I wouldn't turn down a good royalty cheque once in a while :), but I am writing to further God's Kingdom and impact the world for Christ through my writing.  It's all about Him...not me.

I am called by God to write and so I write. I told my husband when my Wounded Trilogy books, were published if one person read them and liked them, I would be happy. Well, God has greatly blessed that effort and not only have they all become best-sellers, but award winners as well!  But it has not stopped there.  God has also blessed my article writing and I am now published in Chicken Soup for the Soul - Parenthood, and several other devotional books.  I have been asked to write more articles for Christian blogs and magazines.  My blog, Journey Thoughts has followers from all over the world!  I don't take credit for's all about God...not me.

For me, writing has become an expression of praise and worship to God. He has gifted me with this talent so every time I write, I am praising Him with my gift.  I write to glorify the One who gave me the talent and the ability to write!  This scripture has become my writing banner:
“Now may our Lord Jesus Christ Himself and God our Father, Who loved us and by his grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope, encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word.” 2 Thessalonians 2:16-17
I love that!  "...strengthen you in every good deed and word."  With every word I write it's all about HIM.

Lynn Dove calls herself a Christ-follower, a wife, a mom, a grandmother, a teacher and a writer (in that order). She is the author of award winning books: The Wounded Trilogy. Her blog, Journey Thoughts won a Canadian Christian Writing Award - 2011. She has also had essays published in LifeWay magazines: "HomeLife" and "Parenting Teens", "Mother of Pearl: Luminous Lessons and Iridescent Faith" and "Chicken Soup for the Soul - Parenthood" (March 2013). Readers may connect with Lynn on Facebook, Twitter and on her blog: Journey Thoughts and on her website:

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  1. Lynn, thanks for sharing your journey. I find it very freeing to focus on doing things for the glory of God. Instead of fretting about results, I'm able to focus on the process and doing it well. God takes care of the rest.


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