November 05, 2012

InScribers Review: Unlease the Writer Within

Carolyn Wilker Reviews Unleash the Writer Within—Cecil Murphey

(Carol was one of our recent Giveaway contest winners)
One of the questions I’ve been asked over and over is why I write. Most often I just write without getting hung up on why I do it. But when someone asks me the question, I have to really think. I have stories to tell. I just have to write. I like what happens when I write.

Here is a book for all writers. And perhaps interviewers could read it too—it could give clues to the many different answers.

The author asks many questions of himself: Why do I write? Is it because I have a gift? Am I true to myself when I’m writing? Am I being authentic? And that’s only the opening chapter.

Writers talk about the need to write, writer’s block, and the idea of writing only when they get inspired. Murphey has the answer to those questions too. It’s about what is going on within oneself. It’s like the author held a mirror to his soul and inner self and shared it with the world—being transparent about why he writes and what he writes.

This is a book for every person who feels the need to write, and a book that I will recommend to all my writing students.

Carolyn Wilker is a writer, editor and creative writing instructor. She is also the author of 'Once Upon a Sandbox', published in 2011 by Hidden Brook Press.


  1. Yes, this is a very good book. After reading it I felt empowered to be transparent and honest when writing.
    Pam Mytroen

  2. This one is still on my 'To Be Read' pile...

  3. I found it a really helpful book, Carolyn, because the author took time to go beyond craft and technique to the "why" and other questions. I think it's one to re-read over time.


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