November 21, 2012

A Writer's Thoughts - Sulo Moorthy

"Writing to make a living in this generation is like walking on the moon,” wrote an author. Landing on the moon was once thought to be inconceivable. But it became not only achievable, but applaudable when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon in 1969.  Likewise, even though the thought of making a living by writing seems unattainable these days, some brave to dream and make it happen with sweat and determination. I’m not one of them. On the other hand, some live to write. They could write physically or mentally at all positions-sitting, standing, driving, walking, shopping and even in sleeping. They do not know how to stop writing and they won’t allow anyone or anything to stop them from writing. I’m not one of them either. So, what am I? That’s what I’m still trying to figure out.

Reading and writing are like the right and left eye for the writer. If one becomes weak, the vision gets dimmer and the walk begins to stagger. Without much reading, writing becomes stale. It starts to stagnate and loses its essence. On the other hand, all reading with little or no writing rarely ends up in a publication. Equal importance need to be given to both reading and writing in order to have 20/20 vision and great outcome.

Inspiration without perspiration produces poor writers. In our day and age, promotion needs to be tagged on to perspiration to make the sell. Without the accompaniment of a sale pitch, the writer’s voice is rarely heard beyond the four walls these days. Those of us who do not know how to text, tweet, interact with social network or give an interview cannot blame anyone, but ourselves for not earning a cent from our writing.

Talent draws attention, admiration and applauds. Talent taken for granted, but put to little use produces no winners. But a little talent fueled by great commitment yields great rewards.

“Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from successful one is a lot of hard work.” ~ Stephen King

“ I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” ~ Albert Einstein

Engaging the readers in your story and educating them in an interesting and entertaining manner is a marvelous skill. Still more marvelous is to enlighten them with the truth and impact them to embrace the One, who called Himself the Truth.

Road to success is never short and straight. It does loops through rejections and discouragement. Yet the lessons learned along the way help to build courage and character. Let not the world define what success means to you. Success may produce celebrities, but it doesn’t always guarantee happiness. To hear the words, “ Well done, my faithful servant!” at the end of the journey is truly the success worthy to seek after.


  1. This was such a clever post (using the acrostic to make your point) but also very practical. My favorite quote is probably near the beginning with the juxtaposition of 'write to live' or 'live to write'... I am definitely on the latter category (as most of us I suppose...) but still dare to dream about moving into that other elusive group.

  2. I very much enjoyed the message in your post, Sulo. Keep 'em coming!

  3. Wonderful, Sulo!

    There's some well-seasoned wisdom in your words.

    Thanks for sharing..

  4. Thanks Ladies for all your encouraging comments. It's because of writers like you, fellow writers keep on writing.

  5. I missed the acrostic altogether. But then I'm not that observant--at least for some things.
    But your blog reminded me of the times the words flowed like a river, and others when I felt I was digging a well!
    It seems to me, both can be creative.


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