August 09, 2011

Writers Wanted - Shirley S. Tye

Did I read it correctly? Yes, I did! The title Writers Wanted was in the spring 2000 church bulletin. The job description read; "someone who has interest and ability in writing articles, news stories and press releases on behalf of our congregation". That's my job! At that time, I wasn't a published writer but I believed I could do the job and I wanted to do the job. I raced into the pastor's office to express my interest in taking on those responsibilities.

That's how hope was sparked in me; hope that my writing would be published; and hope that, at least, small payments would flow my way. It also changed my view of my writing; I became serious about it; my writing was important; I took more writing and editing courses; and diligently searched for periodicals I thought might accept my work. At first the whole process seemed agonizingly slow. But in 2001, I had two articles published; one in a Christian magazine and the other in a newspaper. The pastor's wife and I started a church newsletter which was well received by the congregation. Then the following year, another article was printed in a Christian magazine and a short story was accepted for publication in a large writers' organization's anthology. By 2004, I was on my way when an editor placed my name on a list of regular freelance writers for a local magazine. I was given many assignments which I embraced with enthusiasm.

People wanted to read my articles. They were pleased with the work. I felt I had finally arrived as a true writer. And all because of a small ad in a church bulletin and a pastor willing to let a greenhorn tackle the writing job.


  1. Lovely story of your writing journey. And the beat goes on, right?

  2. Happy for you with your growing success. It takes time and effort, and growth is slow, but well worth the energy required.
    Above all, it results in others uplifted and encouraged which wouldn't have happened without that early spark and drive.

  3. How wonderful that you saw the ad and had the courage to apply. Look at where that one small step has taken you.

    It's encouraging!


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