March 22, 2011

It's About Time by Brenda Leyland

Someone was discussing how quickly the year is flying by (at about speed up x 3).

I know the feeling, and yet sometimes I wonder why we express such surprise about it. Why do we lament and think it's a bad thing? Is it? Would we prefer our days to crawl by at turtle pace? Would that be more acceptable?

Perhaps we focus on it flying by because something on the inside reminds us that our days are indeed numbered and we'd like to slow that journey a little. Perhaps we fret that our days are spilled out on things that don't matter in the end. Perhaps we hope for the time we'll be better organized and ready to meet each day with the confidence we're finally doing it right.

In my own search for living life more beautifully, I've been thinking I'd like to hold my days more lightly and to quit fretting about how fast they seem to be passing. If they are, indeed, flying by at warp speed, it seems a pity to waste even a moment of it being anxious in any way, wouldn't you think?


  1. This is wonderful advice, Brenda. We can't add even one minute by worrying.

  2. Our concern about time flying is deepens as we approach the end of life. in fact, you've probably noticed that the older we get, the faster time passes.
    For me, that is certainly a motivation for making the most of every day, rather than fretting at their passing.
    It's like the greater appreciation of every day by those who have had a near death experience.
    Clearly, you have learned and shared that lesson early.

  3. You have provided some interesting things to ponder. I liked the picture of the horse too.

  4. I have a watch on my wrist
    but I have no time;
    grains seep undeterred
    through the glass.

    I have a clock on my mantle
    but I have no time;
    ticks and tocks
    toll my body.

    I have a timer on my video
    but I have no time;
    programme stealth
    taxes the evening.

    I have spent time
    and the only coin I possess
    is now.
    But the bank of Eternity
    will repay my loan.


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