December 09, 2009

My Friends are Getting Published - Janet Sketchley

As well as being a member of InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship, I also belong to The Word Guild and American Christian Fiction Writers (yes, I'm Canadian!). And I’m privileged to be part of an amazing online critique and encouragement group as well as one that's face-to-face. It’s a fine way to meet fellow writers, keep up with news, and stay encouraged.

Lots of writing friends—this is great. We understand and support one another like non-writers can’t. We’ve cheered one another on, we know how hard the journey is, and when one of them gets published, I think it’s almost as exciting as if it were my manuscript being accepted.

I can honestly say my first response is happiness for the new contract. I cheer and punch the air, and send a sincerely gleeful congratulatory email—364 days of the year.

The other 24 hours tend to spread out in small increments across the year. I’m still glad for whoever’s book will now be published and I wouldn’t want to take that away from them, but will it ever be my turn? Why is it happening for everyone else instead?

I had one of “those” hours not long ago and the Lord reminded me of Jesus telling Peter in effect, “If I want John to stay alive until I come back, that’s My business. You tend to yours.

I had to choose to accept it, and to repeat it to myself regularly for the next while, but the message was clear: He has a plan for each writer, and the only plan that concerns me is mine. If he wants others to be published and not me, that’s His call. He’s the Shepherd, the chief Author.

And I can rest in the knowledge that if He’s preparing me for a publishing contract, it will happen—in His way and time. All I have to do is keep working so I’ll be ready. In the mean time He’s given me lots of friends to enjoy—both real and imaginary :-)

PS I do have a Christmas short story online this month in this month's Christian Fiction Online magazine in Dee Stewart's Multicultural Fiction column. It’s called “Too Much to Ask?” and is written under the pen name of Joanna Mallory.

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  1. I can totally identify with this post!!! I just read a blog post about a writer who'd finished her next novel, and I thought - lucky you for even having time to work on it!!! I've got the first couple pages written for two that I want to work on and just wish I could be working on them, much less finishing them! :) But as you say, God has a plan for each of us.

  2. God's timing is rarely ours! But, we need to remember our motivation and the growing we do when we trust and obey, right? I know exactly how you feel, though. We just need a few extra hours in a day. Or would we fritter them away?

  3. I know you always honor God in all you do.He will come through!And when He does it will be so rewarding!

  4. I know you always honor God with your daily living for Him. He will come through for you. And when your dream is fulfilled it will be so rewarding!

  5. I loved your story in Christian Fiction Online. And I love your attitude. I've had the same thoughts many times myself!

  6. It took me ten years to "give birth." The pregnancy is long and frustrating, but it'll happen—God never arrives late.

  7. You're so honest. It seems that everyone here appreciates that and can relate! I read your Christmas story online and enjoyed it too!
    Merry Christmas Joanna.
    Pam M.

  8. I enjoyed your posting very much. Loved your honesty and seeing the way He gave you His perspective.

    I remember once getting the sense from Him that I write ultimately for His good pleasure, so if He chooses to be the only audience of anything I've written or said, well then........... I'm happy if He's happy! It's taken a lot of pressure off!

    Will have to pop over to read your short story on line. Thanks for the link.

    Happy Christmas!


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