August 17, 2009

Heat Wave - Nesdoly

Yesterday’s fever
broke in the evening
This morning
cool soothing air
bathes face arms legs
the neighborhood refreshed
as if it slept
deep and exhausted
after sickness

But sun’s warm hand upon my back
warns temperature is rising
and burning heat will soon
again blister the brown grass
make bright-eyed impatiens
and roadside chicory
droop in the dazzling delirium

We will lie in darkened rooms
splayed under whirring fans
flushed, fighting off sweats
ice-tinkling drinks within arm’s reach
till evening
when the fever breaks again.

© 2007 by Violet Nesdoly

The weather man says we're in for another few hot days here - days which, if the heat goes too high, feel surreal to me. (You may have guessed that we don't have AC.) How do you feel about the heat?


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  1. Hot days = time to find a cold lake. :) My mom hated the heat, so if the temperature got over 30, we could usually talk her into taking us to the lake to chill out. :)

  2. Although the humidity knocks my socks off, I love the warm temperatures. I am also of the mind set that I dare not complain as I think upon the string of not so nice days in July. Love your post, Violet. I almost had a hot flash reading it. :)

  3. A lake sounds GOOD!

    ... a hot flash doesn't (Tee hee!)


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