June 29, 2009

Do You Sing? by Brenda Leyland

"Just whistle while you work....It won't take long when there's a song to help you set the pace."

Do you remember that catchy little song from the old Disney movie Snow White? Even Snow White and all her happy characters knew that a happy tune can make the time seem to fly, as well as make any workload feel lighter and easier to bear.

Lady Bird Johnson once said that people should work on projects that make their hearts sing. To me, her words ring true, for I do not believe that life is meant to be a drudgery. Rather, we are meant to live beautifully... abundantly.... joyfully. Oh sure, we go through hard experiences and wildernesses, but we don't stay there.

The projects we choose to get involved with, either voluntarily or as a career, should not dampen our spirits, but rather they should provide a venue for contentment, abiding joy, and a sense of adventuring with God. They should energize and fuel us, not drizzle on us till there's only a damp smoldering where passion once burned bright.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where the song in our heart has been slowly dying. We don't feel like whistling or singing anymore. A few years ago, my own song almost died, because I was afraid to move out from a workplace that I had outgrown mentally and emotionally. To me, a signpost of whether or not a person is still doing what he or she should be doing, is whether the song is still in there.

Work on projects that make your heart sing.
~ Lady Bird Johnson

If your heart no longer sings while you work, maybe it's time to think about what will make the music start again. I took great comfort and encouragement from the Psalmist when he declared that if I walk in God's ways, I would eat the fruit of the labor of my hands, and I would be happy, blessed, fortunate, even enviable -- and that it would be well with me.

I'm happy to report that I sing a lot these days. I've found new joy in work that makes my heart sing, writing being just one of those joys.

It's never too late in God's world to start finding those projects -- those works He has uniquely prepared for you, those works that make your heart sing with joy and praise.

Now, I ask you, do you sing?

Brenda lives in Alberta with her husband and their sweet tortoiseshell cat, Miss Kitty. When she's not watching for glimpses of heaven in unexpected places, she's probably writing about them on her blog It's A Beautiful Life.


  1. Enjoyed this, Brenda. Very true and reminded me a lot of some of Max Lucado's thought in "Cure for the Common Life." He's a great advocate for the idea that God meant us to enjoy what He has designed for our lives.

  2. Your posts are always such a pick-me-up. Thank you for singing. I can feel the rhythm. Mind if I sing along?

  3. Thanks so much Lynda and Pam for leaving your footprint. Appreciate it!

    Pam, please do sing along -- the more the merrier!

  4. Just this morning as the elements were being passed in church, there was a lovely medley being played of old hymns and praise songs. As I reflected upon what we were doing in our corporate worship, I sang along and felt such joy. Now I was singing along quietly, of course, lest I be a distraction! But, yes, when one can interpret life into song, then life is good. Thanks, Brenda, for reminding us about the songs in our heart. Plus I am glad your work allows you to sing a-plenty! :)


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