December 10, 2008

More Christmas - Nesdoly

this is a poem 2

this is a poem about the last page
a poem about feeling panicked
a poem about lists
this is a poem about shopping and tired feet
about choosing the right card
then signing your name 47 times
a poem about wrapping paper, tape and ribbon
this is a poem about putting up lights and garland
bells and wreaths, while playing old records
a poem about finding mom’s recipe
and buying butter – for baking!
this is a poem about feasting
this is a poem about getting around
to reading the familiar story and wondering
how did something
that started out so simple
get to be so complicated?
this is a poem about Christmas

this is a poem about hearing the songs
of baby Jesus, at the mall
and having the urge to go
and sing them to all your neighbors
this is a poem about the magic
of blinking lights, toy trains
and sipping a cup of warm cocoa
while you visit the Holy Family
come to your cul-de-sac
this is a poem of when home
is the only place to be
even if the tree is small, the gifts few
and your house is crowded as a Bethlehem street
this is a poem about candlelight and sweet carols
in a place where simple gowns and sequin crowns
transform even urchins and scamps
into shepherds, angels and wise men
this is a poem about Christmas

© Copyright 2008 by Violet Nesdoly

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  1. How did it get so complicated?

    I guess my Christmas wish is for this year to be full of reminders of Him—no matter what form they might take.

    Yours is one of those reminders.


  2. Thank you, Lynda. I need to remind myself!

  3. Beautiful, Violet! That totally captures it. :)

  4. <"how did something
    that started out so simple
    get to be so complicated?">

    I'm loving these lines. I guess it's up to us to 'take back that Christmas night.' Thanks for making me remember the reason and the rhyme of the first blessed Christmas morning.


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