February 06, 2008

Freedom to Live Abundantly -- Lorrie Orr

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.” Galatians 5: 1a (NIV)

I recently had the opportunity to rock climb on an indoor climbing wall. This was a new experience and I was apprehensive. Heights make me uncomfortable.

I put on the safety harness, and the belayer, who controlled the safety rope, fastened me to the rope with a solid knot. I turned to the wall and began climbing. At times I grasped rocks with both hands while one foot sought a new support. At other times my feet stood secure while I groped for a new, higher hand hold. Although I worked hard, I realized I was free from the fear of falling. Why? Because I trusted the safety rope, the harness, and most of all, the young man who held the rope. I was free to climb, to explore and finally, to touch the ceiling.

In the same way, when I totally entrust my life to Christ, when He “holds the rope,” I am free to live the way He wants me to. I can say “yes” to whatever He asks me to do, to be open and vulnerable with fellow believers, to show love and compassion to the people I meet each day. I am free to move out in confidence because He will catch me when I fall.

Thought for the day: The more I entrust my life to Christ, the more freedom I have to live an exciting, abundant life.

Prayer: Lord, thank you that You are completely trustworthy. I know that because I trust You with my life and all of its results, I can do the things You ask me to do.

This was first published in the Upper Room a couple of years ago. More and more I realize how much I need to let go of the fears that hold me back and to keep entrusting myself more and more to my loving God.


  1. Great illustration, Lorrie!

    We took our son rock climbing on his recent birthday (he is 36) as a "Do something different, Mom" surprise. I'd never climbed before, am terrified of heights, and know exactly what you mean about the freedom to let go of the rope. Amazing though how tired we have to get before we do!

  2. I love that thought - God holding the rope to catch us if we fall. And giving us the freedom to explore and reach out. Thanks! :)

  3. Thank you, Lorrie. What a refreshing illustration. Blessings!


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