May 09, 2013

Letting the Ink Flow for God - Shirley S. Tye

I’ve been called to encourage and so I, a Christian, write as it says on my Aunt Shirley Story Ministry pamphlet; “To encourage and teach through the power of stories with the hope everyone will see who they truly are in God’s eyes and His plans for them.”

Sometimes the story idea comes from God. When that happens, the story flows easily onto the paper. And it makes storytelling easy. I do my best to put that idea into a realistic story; one that most people can relate to.

But when I force an idea because of a fast approaching deadline, I squeeze the words from my mind; juggle them around on the paper until they appear to make a reasonable story. Unfortunately, that reasonable story sounds like gibberish when I’m telling it. Yup! Right in the middle of telling the story that’s when it hits me. This is garbage! Who wrote this? Oh, yeah, I did when I thought I was being a genius. I struggle to finish telling the story and try to walk away holding my head up but inside I’m embarrassed. Inside I turn a rainbow of colours just like my silly Aunt Shirley outfit.

But fortunately, no one has complained or criticized any stories or the way I tell them. So far, audiences have enjoyed the stories and some have said that they’ve learned something. What a relief! Even my mediocre writing skills, God can use. Wow! That’s amazing!

Should I keep writing? I guess so. After all, God called me and gave me this passion for words. So I’ll let the ink flow for God.


  1. Shirley, we're glad you are letting your ink flow in spite of those rascally 'little inside-your-head voices' that tell you you should stop.

    I love that you mention that even our 'mediocre writing skills' can be used by God. Isn't that wonderful news?

    I once read a story of a young girl, whose parents hoped and thought she'd be a prodigy in piano. Only it turned out she wasn't. Although she could play the piano, she never became an accomplished musician. But the part of the story I loved was that she took the skills she did have and as she grew up, she used them to teach young disabled children to love and play music at their own skill levels.

    She loved her job, the children loved her and they grew to love music. All because she used what turned out to be an ordinary-every day-skill at playing the piano to bless others.

    Shirley, thanks for the reminder!

    And blessings as you continue to write--with courage--those stories waiting to flow from your heart through ink. Somebody needs them.


  2. Shirley, I just love your Aunt Shirley Story Ministry. What a great idea and what a sweet way to share the gospel. I'm finding out that we writers are our worst critics, and I try to ignore my own criticism as much as possible lately :). Keep writing and blessing those kiddies!


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