May 05, 2013

InScribers Review: Trees of the Book, Learning from God's Creation

Reviewed by Bruce Atcheson

Trees of the Book: Learning from God's Creation

Author: Kimberley Payne
Paperback: 28 pages
Publisher: Bydesign Media (Feb 13 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1896213731
ISBN-13: 978-1896213736

Believe it or not, some children don't know what a palm, sycamore, broom, cedar, mustard, oak, or a fig tree looks like. They hear these types of trees mentioned in Bible stories but they can't relate to them well.

This was the way it was for me when I was young. Fortunately, author Kimberley Payne has just published Trees of the Book: Learning from God's Creation. This colourfully-illustrated activity book not only lets children have fun but they learn about the various types of trees and how they fit into Bible history. As an added bonus, the trees describe themselves and their place in biblical history.

Payne has also included scientific facts, complete with metric and imperial measures, to further enhance the learning experience. At the end of each chapter is an activity that tests children's comprehension of the things they learned but in a challenging way. At the end of the book is a colour-by-numbers picture.

Trees of the Book was written for children ages 7 to 9. It can be used by grade two and three teachers as a supplemental text when they teach about plants.

Trees of the Book began as a bulletin insert in Payne's church. She gathered up the seven lessons, added scientific facts, and had help with the pictures from Esther Haug. She began the project in 2008 and conducted intense research on the seven types of trees for five years. Though there are more kinds of trees mentioned in the pages of Scripture, Payne concentrated on seven for this book.

Payne plans on writing more books about life sciences in a series she calls Science and Faith matters. They will also target grade two and three students. Topics in this series will include animals of the Bible, the five senses, and other areas of the life sciences.

Payne's book is ideal for teachers, home schoolers, and grandparents. The full-colour illustrations and interactive nature of the text will make for great story times at school or home.

Trees of the Book can be purchased from Amazon,, Barnes & Noble, and through local bookstores.

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  1. Love this book - but I am biased as a friend of Kimberley. But it is an awesome book.


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