February 13, 2008

A Little Pink Phone

Yesterday I received a cell phone advertisement in the mail, displaying a little pink blackberry. I had not seen a phone this pretty before and instantly, my heart beat faster. What could it entail to exchange my plain silver job for something far more attractive?
Advertisement in hand, I hurried into our local dealership. A young lady with a pleasant expression sat behind a desk and I made my way to her, still clutching my paper. "I’d like this phone," I said setting the ad down in front of her.
For the next five minutes questions assaulted me. "What is your present number? What type of phone do you have? Oh, this account isn’t in your name. It’s in your husband’s name. He must cancel it before I can transfer it to your name or give you a different account."
I hung my head. Same old explanation. "My husband passed away. He cannot cancel this account. My name is on the account as well. Doesn’t that automatically make it mine?”
“No. He must cancel it.”
“I can’t see that being possible.”
Finally, after several phone calls, a pile of instructions I had to write down so I wouldn’t forget, she informed me I could purchase the pretty pink phone, then left to get one. Several minutes later, she returns wearing a downcast expression. “I’m sorry madam, we just sold our last one. You’ll have to wait five days until our next shipment."
Leaning back in my chair, I considered my options. I could smile, thank her for her help, then drive to Edmonton. A pleasant thought except Edmonton is two hours away and if anything went wrong with the phone, I would have to return it to the dealership I bought it from to get it replaced or repaired. Not a good option if it went catawampus during a blizzard. I sat up straight in my chair, ran my hand across my perspiring brow, then wrote down my phone number and handed it to her. “Would you phone me when your shipment arrives? I will come back.”
All the way home I fumed at the 'shop locally' promotions hanging in business windows. That would be a lot easier to do if such a thing were possible. A suggestion of guilt crept in, and tightened my chest. Even if nobody else saw my ill-tempered attitude, God did. And I wasn’t being very charitable. Romans 5:3 came to mind. And not only so, but we glory in tribulations, also, knowing that tribulation worketh patience. I forced my thick throat into action and swallowed. "Forgive me Father. I totally messed up an opportunity for You to work Your will in my life."
At home, I went to work. Half of me remained sad because I had allowed my emotions to rule my heart. The other half rejoiced because my spirit had been sensitive enough to hear that still small voice.
The phone rang. Without thinking I answered it.
“Hello, Mrs. Matchett.”
I recognized the voice of the girl in the communications store. “We just received our new shipment and we have a phone for you.”
I lowered my red face. If I had of voiced my thoughts— no, I wouldn’t go there. But God had showed me, once again, His goodness. Regardless of my bad attitude.


  1. Eunice - I sometimes think God invented phone companies to test our patience! Enjoy the new 'pinkie' :)Marcia

  2. Eunice. I can relate. I am constantly forgetting Who is in the situation with me. Instead I see my own inconvenience and act like I'm the only one who matters. I think it will be a lifelong lesson to learn that Jesus may want to use what looks like a bad thing to me, to make a good thing for both me and the other person.

  3. Aw, now I want one! Good reminder, Eunice. I think it's my right to react when somebody serves me wrong, instead of seeing it as an opportunity to show grace. Thanks for the reminder to use every opportunity! Now I just have to think "little pink phone" and I'll remember!

  4. I did something very similar this morning. On my way to pay the electricity bill, I was fretting and fuming—the actual bill had just been delivered this morning and the payment was due today. Halfway there, a woman passing by and seeing the bill clutched in my hand, informed me "no hay linea" (there is no line—a common problem here meaning I wouldn't be able to pay). After she was a safe distance away, I actually expressed my disgust, frustration, and annoyance out loud—happily no one heard me. Of course, God did. I immediately felt bad about my reaction and even worse when I got to the office to discover there was a line, and I was able to pay. To my further chagrin, a shipment of milk had just come into the grocery store in the same mall as the office. If I hadn't come out to pay the bill, or kept going even after I was told "no hay linea" I wouldn't have gotten the milk (it's scarcity here makes it worth gold). God blessed me twice in spite of my bad temper and lack of trust.
    Thanks for the timely reminder.

  5. I also get upset if someone sticks to the "rules" without considering what they are doing. Sometimes I wonder if this is how Jesus felt about the Pharisees, then realize that my anger is about being inconvenienced... His was about the glory of God!

    Good thoughts, and how good is the blessing of God.

    Love and prayers!


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