June 09, 2017

Journal - Don't Leave Home Without It - Shirley S. Tye

In 1997, I read somewhere that writers should always carry a notebook in which to jot down ideas, thoughts, feelings, and descriptions of what one has seen, heard, smelled, and touched.  So I went shopping for a notebook, one that would easily fit into my purse. 

A little blue one caught my eye.  It was four inches by five and one half, and about one inch thick.  I’m not sure what drew me to the book first; the colour or the name.  It was called Fat Little Wireless Neatbook. I laughed at the name and, oh yes, it was fat; 200 pages.  On the first page, I wrote the title Passing Thoughts and a short explanation about the writings. I just about filled that fat little book with all manner of nonsense, descriptions, and…well…passing thoughts.  I still chuckle when reading the humourous pieces and when I spot silly misspellings.  Some of the writings turned into pretty good stories that I used in my story ministry and some were published. Yup!  It sure paid…literally paid, to have that little notebook with me always.

Since then, I’ve purchased many journals and always have one in my purse.  Most of my writing is done while enjoying a cup of coffee at a cafĂ©.  There’s so much to observe and hear in coffee shops.  They’re busy places, drawing in all types of people to stir my imagination. 

A journal is a handy, inexpensive tool which is great fun to read later.  And it’s a safe place to vent, if one needs to release some unpleasant emotions or negative thoughts. So remember the journal when heading out.  Don’t leave home without it.   



  1. "Don't leave home without it." This was the American Express motto that you turned into your journal motto. Too funny, especially since it literally 'paid' for you to have it. All kidding aside - I do agree with you that having a journal with you at all times can prove to be a very useful tool.

  2. Thanks, Shirley, for this short, sweet and sensible post about your "Fat Little Wireless Neatbook," which sounds perfect for carrying in one's purse. (I say that with deference to the males among our readers and fellow writers--unless, of course, they have a "man purse," which makes perfect sense to me.


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