July 17, 2008

Mundane to Significant - Gwen Mathieu

I was so blessed today after reading Violet’s blog on encouragement.

I need her words of wisdom daily - a great motto for my refrigerator. My only achievements as of late are typing and re-typing 399 recipes for our church cookbook, writing up church building committee minutes, working at our bible camp and cutting lots of grass, etc., etc. I feel like Moses, caught up with the mundane.

And then God called him to do the supernatural – moving the Israelites from the land of Egypt to the Promised land. It was a much bigger undertaking than writing an article or even a novel; definitely much bigger than writing this short blog. But I, like Moses, feel inadequate to carry out the task, putting it off until the last minute.

Oh, I read a lot; usually a book per week so all things are not mundane. I find reading and housework much easier though, than formatting an article, pasting it for the world to see and letting people know how much I don’t know.

But I will heed Violet’s advise to stay the course. To realize today is the beginning of the rest of my life to write for His glory.

And I, too, encourage you writers to keep plugging away.



  1. "My only achievements"? Ha, ha! You have achieved a lot, Gwen. I know how you feel though about all the mundane things we have to do. It seems we never get around to the "important".Most of life is mundane, though, isn't it. Even when God calls us to do a great work for him, a lot of the work is monotonous. Moses likely felt like a babysitter most of the time but when we look back on his life we see the supernatural hand of God. Be encouraged. Your "mundane" activities are actually preparing you for the miraculous.
    God called Gideon when he was threshing wheat. God may show up when Gwen is mowing grass!
    Keep mowing!
    P.s. I like your voice in your writing. It's honest. Keep it up!

  2. Gwen, I can't believe all you accomplish. When I read of all you get done, I feel like a slug. And your writing doesn't sound like a labor at all. You sure fooled me!


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