May 09, 2008

Changing of the Guard

Changing of the Guard

Lately the old mothers
have been slipping from their places
falling, dying
vacating strategic positions
leaving gaps
in the front line

A new generation
of matriarchs is needed
to organize the family dinners
the baby showers and the anniversaries
and send the birthday cheques

There's a call for fresh recruits
a newly commissioned troop
of kneeling warriors
arms raised in petition and praise,
blessing the infants and the in-laws
interceding for the prodigals
alert watch-women
guarding the walls of the family

- c. 2007 by Violet Nesdoly


The photo above is my beautiful mum at sixteen. She died at 92 years in June of 2006. The photo below was taken May 19, 2006, the last time we took her on a fun outing -- to the beach at White Rock.


  1. Oh, this is super! When my mother died, someone gave me a wonderful card that talked about one generation merging into the past, being the future. Your poem is even better.

    (There is a small typo - can you fix it?)


  2. Wonderful, Violet. Reminds me of Lucy Shaw's poem about climbing to the top of the ladder and finding there is nothing to grab onto.

  3. Thank you, ladies! (Lc, I found and fixed a typo - if that's not the one you saw, plz email me :)

  4. Thanks for this poignant reminder, Violet. Wow, I don't think I can fill those shoes, though.

    Your Mom looks like you -- or I guess it's the other way around :)

  5. What a beatiful Mom you had. We are so blessed.


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