June 11, 2007

Everyday Dirt

From everyday dirt

from the ground beneath his feet, Lord,
the everyday path that he treads,
the wounded clay of my trampled soul,

Scoop my fingers,
broken, bruised,
but twitching still,
as dreams do

Gather fragments of faith,
reaching, weeping,
from filth

out of dust
Sift prayers choked
yet wheezing

Cradle this sigh of stone,
his everyday dirt,
my everyday pain,
in the warmth of your Hands

Spit on it.

Stir the virus of my loss,
into the lick of your life

Culture it in your palm
until it becomes the antidote for despair,
the sweet salve of healing,
the linament for blindness

Dab it on his eyes

Smear his death with Spirit-spore
Smudge my night with mercy-mire and
Make Light.

Pam Mytroen

Hi folks. The prayer above is inspired by Jesus making mud with his spit (oh my!) and giving sight to the blind man. He delights in taking the everyday dirt and pain beneath our feet and making miracles. The miracle I await, (some days not very patiently!) is for God's sight and enlightenment for my autistic son. Pam

Hi again! I thought I should clarify that my son is high functioning autistic. He's not the sterotypical autistic that you may associate with Dustin Hoffman in "Rainman". Trevor is 13 and his problems lie in the social/communicative areas. If you would like to know more, please see my blog for an upcoming post that will have more details. Thanks!


  1. Pam, this is an awesome poem and prayer that puts your feelings for you son into my heart too. May the Lord bless you and him beyond all expectations.

    elsie m.

  2. Hi Elsie,
    Thanks for your tenderness. Trevor can talk and he is actually one of the best readers and spellers in his class. But he has severe social problems and that's where the frustration and despair comes in. I plan on posting something about Trevor's type of autism on my blog.

  3. What a great comparison, Pam - and you've carried it through the whole poem! I hope your prayers are answered.


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