August 13, 2014

Summer Writing By T. L. Wiens

I love summer but must admit it’s not a very productive writing time for me. This year I took on some projects that have proved to be more of a struggle than usual—personal stories.

I don’t know why I would take this on in the summer when it’s hard to find a moment alone to blubber as I struggle to find words to describe past life events. But sometimes it doesn’t have to make sense—just be what you’re directed by the Holy Spirit to be doing.

So, to the rest of you, I wish you a wonderful summer. If you’re not writing, I hope you’re at least collecting thoughts to be put on paper later—like winter.


  1. At least you are writing, Tammy! That is great. When you look back on it you might find some good story starters.

  2. Writing about tough times and past events can be healing. May you find healing, blessings and peace, Tammy, as you write these stories that are hard to write in summer or any time of year.

  3. Writing personal stuff is gut wrenching and often embarrassing to boot.
    The summer usually has less distractions, giving us time, not only to write, but also to grieve again if necessary.
    My empathy at tackling it.

  4. I agree, the personal stories can be very difficult. And yet I think in all the writing, we tell something of ourselves. Blessings in the writing!


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